Life @ Amul

Recruiting Talent

At GCMMF, we provide equal employment opportunity to all applicants, without regard to religion, caste, color, gender and disability. The recruitment is being carried out in a transparent manner, paving no room for malpractices / unprofessional conduct such as extending preferential treatment or favoring those having influence of political outfit or bureaucrats. We put in appreciable efforts in recruiting the best qualified people, keeping in view the goals and objectives of the organization. We also encourage maximum recruitment at entry level by participating in Campus Recruitment drives at finest colleges across India.

Nurturing Talent

All new member of GCMMF family are required to undergo 30 days Induction Program at our Head Office – Anand to acquaint them with our value, culture, processes and system. They are also requires to undergo on the job training for 45 days after classroom training.

Events @ Amul

We have strong value system evolving best practices for enhancing and improving – Organisational & Employee Capability for maximising organisational objectives. People processes / practices have been designed and executed to facilitate these in a conducive work environment. Below are glimpse of major happenings at Amul.

Hoshin Kanri – Planning & Review Meeting

Hoshin Kanri is unique policy deployment mechanism, which ensures that the efforts of the entire organization are aligned towards the common set of goals. Since 1997, every year we conduct Hoshin Kanri meeting involving all leaders across India.

Celebrating National Festivals

All GCMMF Employees along-with their family members participates in celebration of Independence Day & Republic Day every year. Flag Hoisting follows by various cultural program & sports events.

Kaizen Celebration – Continuous Improvement

Since 1995, we have register more than 5.5 lac Kaizen till now. To appreciate the efforts, every year Kaizen Anniversary is celebrated. It also includes participation in cultural program by employees as well as their family members followed by dinner.

Red Tag Day

It is said that any improvement starts with Housekeeping. In which, all employees rigorously follows workplace organization methods to improve efficiency and cleanliness. The Red Tag Day is celebrated every year in the month of October to recognize the housekeeping movement.

Career Development

GCMMF is committed to building a culture where employees have access to career development opportunities within the organization. Therefore, significant positions across organization are always being filled up through internal recruitment process to give chance to existing & deserving employees.